I'm blessed to be part of an amazing writing team and for the last five years, we've co-written some super-fun, non-cheesy, Jesus-centered, Bible-based, rock-your-socks-off VBS programs, with the prayerful purpose of moving beyond the four walls of the church for which they were originally written.  Why write something and then stick it back on the shelf?  Why not write for a greater Kingdom purpose? Let's do it! Most exciting part is, five churches this summer will be using these super-fun programs, how cool is that?!?

The day after we finished How Sweet It Is, we were exhausted.  Happy, cross-eyed, but gratefully exhausted.  The writing team got a group text from Angela Simpson, one of the most creative and brilliant people I know. Her text said, "I've got it. I've already got next year's theme." We proceeded to try and guess and after a few incorrect tries, she told us. Within minutes, we were blowing up the group text with ideas on bottom lines and theme verses for the next year's VBS; Superhero City: real kids powered by God to change the world. We were so pumped. We couldn't wait to start talking about it, planning it, and writing it! Oh wait, but we had to sit on the secret and couldn't publicize it until January. Holy lack of patience, Batman, this was going to be tough!

Fast forward to early February when the writing team sat down together, via Facetime, and finalized the curriculum.  Now I had a springboard from which to write the theme song.  Fast forward again to March and we were two days from heading to Black Cat studios to record the Superhero City CD, and I was drawing a blank on the theme song.  I had about three different ideas but, like trying to put together a puzzle with pieces that just don't fit, I couldn't get anywhere. Ugh, so frustrating. That's when my brilliant producer and friend Jason Hoard emailed me an idea for a song bed.  I instantly loved it, put on my headphones, and took off running.  I listened to the track on repeat for an hour, and wrote while I ran.  The words of the verses, chorus, and the bridge flowed freely and I finally had it. Holy high fives to my co-writer, Batman!

Here's the idea and the bottom line that we want kids and parents to walk away with after spending a week in Superhero City: the heroes of the Bible like David, Moses, Peter, etc...they were plain and simple folks just like us.  Humans who messed up and made mistakes.  But humans who were powered by God and made a huge difference in their world.  They made their worlds a better place because God's power was working in them to do something they couldn't do themselves. God saw beyond the impossibility of their situation, moved in them, and made a difference for His glory.  How awesome is our God?! And He invites us into that same journey; even with our flaws and brokenness, He moves in us and brings about His purpose. He brings us to a better place and helps us make our world a better place. Amen.


Better Place

You are strong, I'm unique, without You I'm weak
The only good in me comes from Your own heart
All of history makes it plain to see,
Even from my failures You can make a brand new start

I can make a difference standing in Your strength
I don't have a fancy mask, I can't fly, or wear a cape
But I can change the world when I'm powered by Your grace
So use me to make this world a better place

All the bright lights in this big, tall city
Can't compare to Your power livin' in me
I wanna see my city on its knees
So shine Your glory through my life, Lord, please

You see beyond impossibility, I can't wait to see You move in me!