Today I’m working from home while my sick son snoozes on the couch. Surprisingly it’s been quite productive as I sit here in my slippers with my laptop, working away to the sound of the Disney channel in the background.  One of the things on my check-list today is worship planning for Grace Presbyterian’s women’s retreat next weekend.  I love the blank-slate feeling when preparing for leading worship; the table is cluttered with music, my Bible, a cup of coffee, the speaker’s notes and suggestions, and unlimited possibilities of what God can do through the power of music.  There’s nothing like the sound of people united in singing praise to God, and I consider myself truly blessed to have the opportunity to lead the Grace family, sometimes multiple times a week, in worship. 

The theme for next weekend focuses on us crazy female-folk and our deep need for things like friendship, faith, and oh yeah, chocolate!  I began to choose songs that could go well with the first two needs for us ladies, and then I decided it would be a fun challenge to myself to write a silly song about chocolate.  Last year when our women’s Bible study was finishing up a study on the book of Genesis, I was initially quite overwhelmed with the task of writing a song that would summarize the entire 50 chapters of the book, so instead, I pulled out familiar tunes and just changed the lyrics to reflect some of the stories in Genesis. 

For example, to the tune of “Endless Love”:
“Adam, there’s only you in my life. The only man in sight.
My first love! Who is this snake, anyway?
We’re nude and that’s okay...”

And, to the tune of “All my ex-es live in Texas”:
“All my concubines live in Canaan, that’s why I hang my hat here in Beth-el”

So now I sit here and have challenged myself to write a silly, stupid little song about chocolate. Crazy, I know! Here are the lyrics so far:

Dear chocolate, when I’m with you the world seems right
Dear chocolate, I’ll never let you out of my sight
Even when my husband fails to notice my new dress,
Sweet chocolate, this is real love, I must confess

Not that my husband would ever fail to notice a new dress...I just had to do what fits best lyrically. :) I’ll let you know how it goes. Now time for more coffee...and chocolate.